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Studio Description


MC Modern Concepts is a husband/wife design studio focused on sustainable modern design and construction. Modern architecture breaks away from cookie-cutter design and traditional aesthetics. It strives to create designs that go beyond “standard” ideas and instead pursue projects inspired by layout, location, and function.

Steven M McHenry

Steve is passionate about creating architecture that is layered with ideas generated from his engagement with his clients. Clients can count on Steve’s commitment to a project from beginning to end—from the initial concept sketches through the completion of construction.

Our job is to use our expertise to look out for our client's interests.  A successful project is the result of good communication and shared objectives between the client and the designer. Steve likes to step outside the box and view the entire design.

Dora E Cutini-McHenry


Dora was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina where she Graduated with a master degree in Architecture from Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos, Aregentina. With 27 plus years of experience in design and extensive world travel under her belt Dora brings a world of experince. In a world of endless finishes, materials, and products, the end result of any interior design project is infinite - but it takes a true innovator to compile these elements and cultivate them into an inventive reality. With unique environments that are both visually stunning and functional

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